Kids Crafts for Spring

Thursday, March 12th 2015. | kids craft

Kids Crafts for SpringKids Crafts for Spring

I thіnk we’ve hаd wind chimes іn еvеrу home we’ve еvеr had. There’s nоthіng mоrе relaxing thаn sitting outside, listening tо thе wind іn thе tress, аnd thе melodic music оf thе wind chime. Thе wonderful thіng аbоut DIY wind chimes іѕ уоu саn mаkе thеm оut оf аlmоѕt anything.

People used to hang a few bells to blow in the wind to swing and sound, then they were wind chime.
But wind chimes don’t always have to sound. some people feel enough with just swinging things. especially if you are an unemployed person who cannot be relied on and likes to be dumbfounded haha.. just kidding.

For children wind chimes have a more special meaning. it is part of their beautiful wishful thinking, which manifest in every dream that comes to the innocent minds of every child, so rhythmic, so sparkling haha..

Well, now we try to make simple wind chimes. we gonna need to prepare the tools and materials:

– a piece of dry twigs
– gold paper
– yarn
– glue
– scissor
– star-shaped prints in various sizes

it’s very easy to make:

1. Make many star shapes with gold paper in various sizes. for one star consists of two stars pairing back and forth.

2. Cut threads of varying length.

3. Attach the star that we have prepared to the end of the thread, and we may add a few other stars until we get one, two or three stars in a thread.

4. tie all the starry threads on a twig, and a wind chime is ready to hang.