Earth Day Arts and Crafts

Friday, March 20th 2015. | Special Moments

Earth Day Arts and CraftsEarth Day Arts and Crafts, This is made of crayons

We can use light and dark greens and blues. you can also add white and yellow if you’d like. First peeled crayon wrappers and then break them into small pieces. Next we need a mold.. muffin tin would be great. Then enter crayons into the mold and set in such a way.

earth day arts and craftsNext.. fill muffin tins into the oven, set at 300 degrees until they are completely melted.. less than about 20 minutes, not too long or all of the colors will blend into one color and the wax fade away.. it won’t be pretty, if so..

Next.. take out the mold from the oven and then let stand until completely cool. Stick it in the fridge for about 15 menit. Finally.. pop it right out from the mold and.. woillaaa.. you got your pretty earth. One thing that is sorry to say that.. you can’t eat it guys haha..