crafts for kids to do

Friday, July 3rd 2015. | kids craft

crafts for kids to docrafts for kids to do.. you gonna need some stuff for slime on..:

a. borax (from laundry aisle of a grocery store)
b. Elmer’s non-toxic blue glue gel (sold with office or school supplies)
c. Glow-Away washable paint (sold near tempera paint at Michael’s craft store)
d. water
e. bowls or cups
f. spoons

And this is how to made it :
1. In one bowl, mix 1/3 cup glue with 1 cup water. I used a whisk, since stirring with a spoon was slow.
2. Stir or whisk in about half a tube of the paint.
3. Pour about half a cup of hot water into a cup or second bowl.
4. Stir in borax until it stops dissolving (starts to leave some at the bottom). This makes a saturated solution without any measuring at all.
5. Measure and mix 1/3 cup of the borax solution (the clear part, not the undissolved stuff at the bottom) with 1 cup of the glue/glow mixture. You can try to whisk this, but it’s easier to use your hands.

To make it glow, just put it under a bright light and then take it to a dark area.. happy weekend..