chinese new year crafts for elementary students

Wednesday, July 1st 2015. | kids craft

chinese new year crafts for elementary studentschinese new year crafts for elementary students

Ah it is time for some more paper puppets. Paper puppets are super easy to make super fun and here we’ve made some little fifty ones now. I thought the PE ones would be really good for the year of the pig Chinese New Year 2019 but also great for New Year’s.

So even places like Germany and Austria a pig is a good luck symbol, and oh if you are just playing things like.. Umm you know the story of the three little pigs, so you know lots of little ways to play with these or reenact the use these and pretend play these little paper peas, and hopefully you will really like them.
And just a very quick announcement and I’m sorry I’m talking too much but quick announcement 2019 it’s gonna be super duper year.
Let’s take a look and see how these please so to make our little piggies. You will need an a4 sheet of pink paper, some slightly contrasting pink but you can use any pink or draw it on, some eyes, some a tongue, but these don’t want extra paper scraps that you can probably make do without and improvise ken’s and scissors for decorating, and blue stick for bringing it all together.

So the first thing you want to do is you want to fold in, maybe about one third of the way, it’s not exact, and then fold in the other side. Not all the way because it’ll be quite thin piggy that way but maybe a quarter this time, but that they overlap and then put a little bit of glue.
Nothing in the camera but a little bit of glue along the edge, no doubt now fold up with the thing on the back hold down, you can maybe even fold it a little bit over so you’ve got a little lip and that means you’ve got slightly bigger puppet. But it’s just a question of preference and what kind of fur mentions you want to flip it over so..  that you have this kind of em with the fold on the inside and this is gonna be a basic puppet cute isn’t it.
Now we’re going to just decorate it as a PE and that’s where the other colors come in, so I’m going to cut out a nose.
I’m just trying to be thrifty with my paper and see what else I can make out of it. you’ll need a nose, you will need two ears, I like to cut them at the same time so that they exactly the same shape. You might trim them a bit in a bit but just get the rough shape ready to is two eyes and a ton, you’ll have to add the tongue just if you fancy it.

And then assemble it with some glue so let’s get.. let’s tie in there first and then out pick the eyes and this way you can have fun if you put them further apart or closer together, your peak will get a different character a different
personality. You can make them looking in a certain direction and then I’m just going to have a look at these. I think
I’m gonna put them sideways and there you have it, piggy pop it if you want you can trim the top but I don’t mind it’s quite cute.
And if I’m little go see and hear the other one, there’s some slight leads off the paper. All right there you go.. being
silly now, but yes if you like this little piggy craft don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe above all keep watching keep making and I’d love to see you again soon.. take care.