Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

The ideal farmhouse living rooms look like they’ve been plucked from a storybook.

A farmhouse living room is a way to go if you want your home to feel inviting and comfortable. The modern farmhouse style is clean and new, but it also has a lived-in and rustic feel.

These farmhouse decorating ideas will inspire you to decorate your living room. They’ll help you achieve the ideal combination between polished interior design and something more casual and regular.

1. Shiplap Paneling
For a farmhouse, shiplap walls are the ideal wall-to-ceiling treatment. The design emerged out of necessity and ease, and it has been used in home construction for decades.

Shiplap is a simple way to add a rustic feel to your home. You can also repurpose the wood to produce an authentic and eco-friendly product. Choose wood planks with some imperfections for a more rustic farmhouse look.

Paint your shiplap white to keep it looking fresh. This will add a splash of color to your living room. Consider offering your wood a whitewash treatment if the white paint is too dull. This helps you appreciate the benefits of white paint while still showing the wood grain’s natural elegance.

2. Beams that are exposed
With exposed beams, you can give the appearance of a rustic farmhouse. Look for old wooden beams that have been salvaged or recycled from old houses and barns. This contributes to the authentic farmhouse rustic look of your family room. Alternatively, you might use fake columns, which will go up quickly but will not have any actual roof support.

Skip the salvaged beams and make boxes out of long wood planks if you want a less rustic look. The beams could then be painted and polished. They would appear polished and elegant as a result of this.

3. Construction of a Rustic Farmhouse Living Room
The most authentic farmhouse design would accept this decor concept’s rustic aspects to the fullest extent possible. Look for antiques with a rustic feel, such as an old armoire, suitcase, or barrel. You may use an antique pitcher as a flower vase on a table. Hang a mirror with a salvaged window frame over it on the wall.

On either side of your frame, salvaged shutters may be used. Alternatively, make an end table out of an old stool. Don’t be afraid to use genuine farmhouse bits in unusual ways.

Accept products that are slightly aged and may have minor cosmetic flaws. You don’t want broken pieces, but you still don’t want them to be spotless.

4. Farmhouse Theme DĂ©cor
Modern farmhouse style seems to be a bit of a misnomer. How can a farmhouse decor style be both traditional and contemporary? Farmhouses are known for being well-loved and packed with generational furniture that has seen better days. The modern interior design style is simple, with few details and crisp lines. So, how can you get the two together?

In your living room, try putting in a few leather chairs. The fabric should be worn leather, and the chair’s form and style should be 20th-century modern. If you’re looking for wood furniture, go for a vintage-inspired style with many specifications—however, select furniture made of highly polished, painted, and varnished wood. For a modern farmhouse living room, parts like this will combine the two.

5. Farmhouse Interior Design
Stick to natural fibers and textures when looking for farmhouse furniture for your living room. These are the kinds of materials and fabrics that will be available on a farm. This will give your home a true farmhouse feeling.

Materials such as natural cotton, linen, and burlap should all be considered. Throw blankets, pillows, curtains, and furniture upholstery are all perfect uses for them. You can’t go wrong with wood, but there are several other natural materials to consider. Pots and jars are commonly made of porcelain or clay. Baskets can also be made from raffia and wicker.

Bringing nature inside is another excellent farmhouse decor concept. For the dining table, side table, or fireplace mantle, fill a vase with new greens, grains, or flowers. Alternatively, a boxwood wreath may be hung over the fireplace.

6. Decorating Ideas for a Coastal Farmhouse Living Room
Coastal living-inspired decor pieces will give your comfortable farmhouse feel a nautical flair. Driftwood may be used as decoration. Plants that grow naturally in coastal areas can also be used in the space. Consider incorporating blue into your neutral color scheme. Both light and dark hues would be stunning. A boat line as trim, seashells, sea glass, or a round mirror with a porthole-inspired frame are all lovely accent pieces.

7. Country-style clothing
The terms “country” and “farmhouse” are not synonymous. Embrace wood for country decorating ideas. Farm-inspired pieces aren’t always needed. To further organize your living room, consider using a wooden basket. Plaid or floral-patterned fabrics are ideal. Place a wide area rug with a traditional woven design or a more primitive braided pattern in the middle of the room.

8. Farmhouse Style Living Room
Plaid is a must-have in every traditional farmhouse rustic living room. It may be in the form of plaid furniture, a cushion, curtains, or a blanket, but it’s there. Warmth is another common feature. A fireplace, lanterns hanging on the wall, or multiple candles put in the room may all be examples of this. You might also hang a chandelier with candle-shaped light bulbs.

Finally, it would help if you built a friendly atmosphere. On the sofa, spread a few fluffy pillows. Then choose a big, thick throw blanket.

A traditional farmhouse has the appearance of being used and lived in. Arrange the furniture to encourage people to congregate and converse around a central point.

9. Farmhouse Chic
Farmhouse living room ideas may often seem rustic and dated. You can fix this by going for a more sophisticated appearance. Look for ways to incorporate costly elements into your space in a subtle way to accomplish this.

A dining table or end tables with an end-cut butcher block top would be an investment, but they’ll also be lovely additions to your living room. Look for farmhouse-inspired modern living room lightings, such as lanterns or chandeliers. Don’t pick plain pine for your wood bits. Look for parts made of more costly woods instead.

10. Interior Design Concepts
Robust, rustic, and slightly oversized furniture is perfect for a farmhouse living space. It’s mostly white or grey as well. However, a whitewash can be attractive. The main body of the furniture could be painted white, with the top remaining natural wood.

Look for furniture with oversized cushions when purchasing chairs and couches. For the sofa, use fabrics in neutral colors like white, cream, and tan. Then add accent chairs with a plaid or floral design to liven up the look.

A simple slipcover will solve your problem if you already own furniture and don’t want to buy new ones.

11. Decorative Fireplaces
A fireplace is a great way to finish off the look of your farmhouse. If you have a real fireplace, stock it with firewood, a wood basket, and the equipment you’ll need to build a fire. Then add a deer head, your TV, a boxwood wreath, seasonal produce, or florals to the mantle above.

On the mantle, vintage lanterns or art will look lovely. Look for words or phrases that have meaning for you and your family. “Gather and offer thanks” or “Let’s stay at home” are two examples. Another choice is to look for a photograph that represents your vision of a farmhouse or rural environment.

Making a fake fireplace is another choice. A small alcove may be used to build the surround and mantle. Candles or chopped logs can be used to fill the room.

Don’t forget about the hearth across the fireplace’s front. This is the best spot for a basket full of extra pillows and blankets. You may also use a clay water pitcher or a metal basin to hold flowers. Keep the flowers as seasonal as possible.

12. Furniture with a rustic feel
Don’t go overboard unless you’re aiming for a genuinely rustic look. Choose one or two bits that serve as a focal point. This may be a coffee table or a chair with an accent.

Rustic furniture tends to be handcrafted. It’s sometimes made of reclaimed wood. The table now has a repurposed appearance. Another choice is to look for less refined handmade furniture.

Finally, look for metal furniture that you can tuck behind the sofa or along the wall, such as a console table. This object will age and wear over time. In certain instances, the wood grain can be seen through the paint.

13. Vintage Accents
It’s time to finish the room with a few well-chosen antique accents once you’ve got the furniture. There’s a fine line between having just the right amount of decor and having too many to the point of being cluttered. You also don’t want the space to be too flashy. It will lose its authenticity and will no longer feel like a cozy farmhouse.

Look for architectural parts in salvage or antique store. These antique accent pieces are ideal for hanging on the wall or displaying on a shelf. Vintage mirrors and shutters are other common choices. Then, for your new greens or herbs, look for a container that can be turned into a planter.

14. Rugs, pillows, and blankets
The family should congregate in your farmhouse living room for warmth and relaxation. Throw pillows, and a blanket are a great way to build a cozy atmosphere for everyone.

Pillows of various sizes in neutrals and colors are recommended. You may have some that are just plain cotton and some that are a little fancier. Perhaps one has woven yarn tassels or another. The aim is for the pillows you select to appear big and poofy as if they’re ready for someone to sit down.

A rug that covers the whole room is also a must-have. It should be wide enough to attach all of the pieces of furniture. It will clear the space of the echo and chill.

A lighter or neutral-colored traditional rug would look nice. In a farmhouse living room, a woven rug would look perfect. A luxurious carpet that you can sink your toes into is a final choice.

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