Best Teen Girl Room Ideas

This is a great reason to give your space a makeover. Set out to explore the best teen room decorating ideas—fantastic teen girl room ideas and tips to help you steal the look for your own teen space. There are ideas for epic beds, excellent seating areas, a feature wall, chandeliers, twinkle lights, adding a pretty desk area, the best teen girl bedding, how to incorporate playful details to make it all your own, and much more. I’ll also show you where you can find anything you need for a teen girl’s bed.

Exceptional Bed
Why not start with the bed when designing the ideal teen room? Since our beds are the focal point of our quarters, they must be magnificent. Loft beds, canopy beds, daybeds, or even a regular bed with gorgeous bedding are all fun ways to make a statement with your bed in your teen home.

This is another custom build, this time with a loft bed. This room gives you an idea of what you can do with space if you have a loft bed, even if you cannot make anything custom. It opens up the room, as shown by the fact that they could fit a desk and a couch underneath the loft bed.

If you’re working with a limited amount of space, a loft bed is an excellent way to expand your living area. It’s also a lot of fun to sleep up there! Yes, this is precisely what we’re doing in my daughter’s bed!

A canopy bed is another eye-catching choice. It adds a feminine touch to this space. This type of bed might be suitable for you if you enjoy the girly, pretty vibes.

A day bed is a perfect choice for a teen space because it can be used as a hangout spot throughout the day and then turned into a comfortable bed at night by removing the throw pillows. This one has built-in drawers for extra storage, which is ideal for storing all those pillows at night!

Drape flowy fabric on all four corners of a canopy bed to add a dramatic and feminine touch.

I’ve shown you some fantastic beds. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have the money to build your bed discourage you from getting anything special. Several options are available, such as loft beds and day beds, that will serve as a focal point in your space.

Excellent Seating
The seating area, where you can hang out with friends or have a comfortable place to read, is essential for a teen space. There are several possibilities for making a great hangout or reading nook. There are fun ceiling-mounted hammocks, pretty chairs, and even a room with many comfy pillows that would be suitable for a teen.

A hanging chair would be great for reading a book or even playing on your phone.

Add a pretty chair in your favorite color with a pleasant decorative pillow and a cozy blanket for another great seating choice.

You can make a cozy little corner with a hanging chair and some twinkle lights, as well as a cushion, blanket, and a soft fuzzy rug underneath.

You don’t even need chairs to build a fantastic seating area. Take inspiration from this room’s decor and create your cozy chill zone with cushions, pillows, and blankets on the floor.

Ideas for a Feature Wall in a Teen Girl’s Room
A feature wall is a fun way to give your space a focal point and make a statement. When anyone walks in, their gaze will be drawn to the wall you’ve designated as your statement wall. This is a beautiful chance to highlight everything you enjoy!

Choose a tapestry or fabric that you adore and hang it on your room’s wall. In the photo above, I like how they built a cozy atmosphere by surrounding their bed.

Painting one wall in your teen’s room black chalkboard paint is a smart way to make a point. I would do one wall because it would be too dark if you did them all. Choose the first wall you see as you walk into your room to make the most significant point.

Chalkboard paint is perfect for a teen space because it encourages you to draw on the walls and make your friends write on them. When you’re ready to change things up, wipe it clean and start again.

Wallpaper is an excellent way to make a bold statement in your room. There are a plethora of beautiful wallpapers to choose from. Choose your favorite, and your room will be immediately more attractive.

Hanging chandelier
A chandelier is a perfect alternative if you want your room to have ultra-feminine vibes. I’ll show you some fantastic space ideas below. Plus, I’ll show you vintage and modern lighting options that are probably less expensive than you think for adding a chandelier to your room.

This room could be featured for the chandelier or the statement wall! I’m going to talk about the chandelier; the crystals are so beautiful, and it’s a perfect way to give your teen space a feminine touch.

They chose a colossal chandelier with vintage vibes that makes a statement in the room.

A chandelier over your bed would add a touch of ultra-femininity to your room.

Bring a Touch of Pink to Your Teen Girl’s Room
Pink is the most common color in teen girl rooms right now. Why not go all-out, girly girl, and add pink into your color scheme once you’ve selected your chandelier? Take a look at the rooms below for some color variations that look fantastic with pink.

Black and pink is a timeless color combination that never fails to impress. The black draws the eye around the room, while the pink adds a gentle touch. Any teen girl’s room will look fantastic with this color scheme.

Pink, grey, and black is another favorite color combination. This color scheme is a little lighter than black and pink alone, and it would look fantastic in a teen girl’s room. As you can see, they have used white and natural wood, and the result is breathtaking.

If you’re looking for more art inspiration, consider creating a custom piece for them to hang over their bunk. All you need are a few canvases and paint in the colors of your spaces, as well as some painter’s tape. You will find simple geometric art that you can make with painters’ tape on Pinterest.

Then paint your favorite quote or bible verse on the canvas for your second piece. It does not need to be flawless. When you’re done, you’ll have one-of-a-kind artwork that’s perfect for your room.

I like the combination of black, pink, and gold in this outfit. The best way to integrate your color scheme is through your bedding. I’d start there and then choose accessories for your room that complement your bedding’s colors. You can still paint old furniture to match your color scheme if you have any.

Another fantastic color combination is grey, pink, and white. You’ll note that they used only two or three colors to achieve a consistent look in both of these spaces. The best way to add a pop of pink to your room is through your bedding.

For Your Teen Bed, a Lovely Desk Area
Isn’t it true that doing homework is a little easier and more enjoyable when you have a nice desk area? There is a multitude of new, spotless desks available. Combine one of these with a lovely desk chair, and you’re good to go. Then personalize it with some fun accessories.

I like how they used a tiny modern desk and a pretty desk chair to make the most of this small room. You should always get small drawers and slide them under your desk for all of your belongings if you need more space.

I like how this teen infused her personality into her desk area with all of her decorations. They make the most adorable office accessories in various styles that are ideal for a small desk area.

Bedding of the Highest Quality
So, we’ve already mentioned how the bed is often the focal point of the room. Luxurious bedding is another way to make it stand out. This involves layering your blankets and pillows, as well as choosing several textures.

Here’s an excellent example: I’d sleep here! For that extra splash of color, I like how they layered the black and white comforter with the blue blanket. Plus, the pillows are all gorgeous.

Even a pretty throw blanket on your bed will immediately elevate it. Make your room look like a classy hotel by adding pretty coordinated pillows.

Are you having trouble choosing a color for your bedding? White is a great place to start because it appears clean and new. Accessories such as pillows and throw blankets may still be used to add color.

Lights that twinkle
Little twinkle lights are a simple and inexpensive way to personalize your bedroom. See how other teens have used them to make their rooms look pretty, modern, and fun in the video below. Twinkle lights have a beautiful, feminine feel to them.

The lighting in this mirror gives it a fun Hollywood vibe. Also, this lighting will be ideal for getting ready in the morning.

To add illumination for reading or homework, place string lights all around your room. Plus, it’ll look perfect when the lights are switched off.

If you have a small shelf next to your bed, this is the ideal spot for your lights. They don’t have to be perfect; a strewn-together look gives your space a boho vibe.

Pretty Storage Ideas for Teen Girl Rooms
Yes, storage can be aesthetically pleasing. They now have a plethora of choices for storing your belongings in style. Check out these gorgeous teen rooms that have flawlessly incorporated storage into their space for some inspiration, and then I’ll show you where you can get some cute hold for your bed.

Who says you have to cram your belongings into a closet? Hanging your clothes in the open looks modern and trendy, and you can show off all your pretty things if you keep them tidy.

Floating shelves, such as those shown here, are a sleek and modern way to add more storage to your room. Since they’re out in the open, you’ll want to put cute dĂ©cor and signs, as well as pretty storage containers, on them.

Built-in bookshelves are a great way to add custom storage to your space that also looks great. There are other ways to build storage for your room if you don’t have the funds to employ a carpenter.

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