Gorgeous Green Kitchens

Green is a colour that reminds us of nature and fresh beginnings. It also imparts both the steadfast calm of blue and the joyful spirit of yellow as a combination of blue and green. Over the past few years, green has been all the rage in kitchens, but this earthy hue is anything but trendy. So grab a Guinness and take a virtual trip to those beautiful green kitchens, ranging from a smidgeon of green to full-on forest green.

Greenery in the Spring
Athena Calderone, and author of the beautiful new book Live Beautiful, chose this light grey-green for her Long Island kitchen. The Ash Grey from Farrow & Ball’s Colour by Nature collection covers the Shaker-style kitchen. The light colour contrasts beautifully with the wicker and wood accents.

Green Fingers
Rebecca Wakefield of Studio Fortnum’s Designer sets a mellow mood in her elegant and minimal kitchen. Treron, a shade of aged avocado green from Farrow & Ball, provides the texture. With the rich brass, it’s even more beautiful.

Goddess of the Green
Shea McGee has a winner with her home kitchen, decorated in Benjamin Moore’s Caldwell Green HC-124 and is both livable and welcoming. This serene beauty changes colour from grey to green depending on the sun.

Mint Condition
Utkan Gunerkan of Mint Condition designed this concept kitchen, and it’s the stuff of dreams. We wish someone would try to make this kitchen a reality because of the minty shade, arched cabinets, and copper accents.

Green Light
Even for an interior designer, painting your kitchen green can seem like a risky move. Charlotte Reiss of Vivi et Margot considered painting her cosy home kitchen black, but after seeing Greensmoke, she realized she’d fall in love with this appealing blue-green hue.

Green With Jealousy
This exuberant green kitchen, designed by Faith Blakeney for a California ranch home, exudes a sense of newness. It’s an enviable room, particularly with this geometric Diamond Chevron tile from Popham Design and the wood accents.

Switch on the green light
Jaclyn Peters’s beauty has already been featured, but it’s so delicious that it deserves another look. Jack Pine 692 (aka Silver Pine AC-21) by Benjamin Moore, combined with glossy white cabinets, black hardware, and the vintage pink rug, creates a tidy kitchen with many personalities.

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