Small Garden Ideas Designs and DIY Inspiration

Having a small garden can be a pain in the neck at times. How can you make the most of such a small space while still making it feel like your own?
Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite small garden ideas, designs, and inspiration, including everything from space-saving garden furniture to lighting that enhances the space.

1. Sofa in a corner
Many people believe that corner sofas are only suitable for extensive gardens when they are highly space-efficient.
By putting your seating in the corner of the garden, you can free up the rest of the room to do whatever you want with it.
Garden corner seating ideas come in various shapes and sizes to better fit the size of your tiny garden room.

2. Chairs that fold up
True, folding chairs aren’t always the most comfortable, which deters many people from buying them, but if you’re short on space, they’re a great choice to have.
On the plus side, you can add cushions or seat covers to add comfort, and folding tables and chairs come in a range of styles ranging from rustic to shabby chic.

3. Table for a Picnic
Picnic tables are another easy, inexpensive, and effective way to save space in your garden, particularly if you have a small garden (like below).

4. Sofa with an Oval Shape
Choosing the proper seating for your garden can be difficult, particularly when there isn’t much room to stretch your legs.
In that scenario, you should think about having an oval-shaped couch. They fit perfectly into corners and serve as a seating and bathing area, making them an ideal summer addition to any garden.

5. Seating on Pallets
DIY seating plans are the best way to conserve room and are the best choice for those on a budget.
It’s a great idea to make seating out of wooden pallets. They can be made as long or as short as you need them to be, and their form helps them fit neatly into corners.

6. Chair with a Hanging Egg
A hanging egg chair might be just what you need for your small garden room, depending on your budget.
Because of its design and construction, it takes up very little space and is considered to be very comfortable.

7. Cinder Blocks
Making seating or garden benches out of cinder blocks is another low-cost alternative.
It’s easy to grow tired of, it’s inexpensive, and the customization options are limitless. Use your DIY seating area as a mantle for garden accessories and small decorative plants or as a place to relax.

8. Plant Stands
Make your dream of a fragrant garden, complete with fragrant flowers, trees, and aromatic herbs, a reality with a plant stand.
You will begin to add all of your personal touches to your garden without taking up a lot of space with a variety of plant stands to choose from.

9. Make Use of Walls
When you have a limited garden area, you must be imaginative and make the most available space, including the wall garden design.
Don’t have enough room for a trellis or a plant stand? Don’t worry, and you can plant your flowers and herbs in old tins, pots, and whatever else you can find.
There are various approaches to this, but we suggest starting with this post.

10. Herbs in Various Stages
A tiered DIY herb garden might be just what your garden needs if you’re a foodie who enjoys getting your hands dirty with planting your herbs.
Although you can buy pre-made herb gardens online, we suggest building your tiered herb garden if you’re on a budget and want to be precise about the room you allocate.

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