These Master Bathrooms Are So Luxe

You have a master bathroom in your home that looks and sounds as opulent and luxurious as a five-star hotel spa might be the pinnacle of luxury. Imagine slipping into a silk robe and slipping into a freshly drawn bath, surrounded by beautiful furniture, mood-enhancing plants, and a sweeping view of the city or countryside visible through floor-to-ceiling windows. Although this dream may not be entirely attainable depending on the size of your house, there are plenty of ways to give your bathroom the spa treatment it deserves.

To carry the spa to you, hang art, use decorative stools, place a tall plant, improve lighting, or invest in a few calming wellness items. A well-placed diffuser or candle, in reality, can fully transform a space. To get some ideas, check out these 12 undeniably lavish master bathrooms that are virtually sure to make you want to soak in a tub of bubbles. While each one may appear to be more opulent than the next, you’ll discover that there are simple ways to transform your space into a haven that rivals the luxury of these master bathrooms. Prepare to be inspired when you peruse our favourite spaces below.

1. View some artwork
This stunning master bathroom mixes contemporary style with a hint of luxury. Long curtains add drama to space, while a large gold towel rack, as well as the tub-side fireplace and potted plant, make a statement. It would feel like a day at the spa soaking in this tub. To make a quick upgrade to your bathroom, hang a print or painting on any open wall space.

2. Include Classical Elements
This all-white bathroom is understated on its own, but the addition of a crystal chandelier, colourful rug, and pink flowers elevates the area. If you have space, add a traditional rug to your master bathroom for a unique touch of decor. For those who choose not to have carpets in their bathrooms, a small pot of flowers can be shown instead.

3. Go for a gloomy, moody look
Is there something more abundant than a large expanse of black marble? Thanks to lighter elements like white paint, gold sconces, and a wicker basket, this black-and-white master bathroom looks dramatic and makes a statement without being too serious.

4. Maintain a light and airy atmosphere
Because of the big windows and white-painted walls, this bathroom is bright and airy. A dip-dyed stool surrounds a freestanding tub and a delicate rose to complete the simple breezy look.

5. Pay attention to texture
The walls and ceiling are painted in white marble with black veins, and silver pendants hang from the top. It tends to be new and clean, and it complements the nearby ocean view. To quickly refresh your room, replace the overhead light with a stylish pendant light.

6. Try Something Novel
Over the last few years, the terrazzo tile look, which was first popularized in the 1970s, has made a significant design comeback. The material is shown from the sink to the walls to the floors in this master bathroom, which has fully embraced the trend. Before retiling your entire master bathroom, look for small accent pieces like a candle or tissue box to quickly implement this trend.

7. Combine styles and epochs
A glamorous silver clawfoot tub with a telephone faucet is featured in this bright white room. The tub is influenced by late-nineteenth-century luxury, but the rest of the furniture, such as the fringe bath mats, walk-in shower, and potted plant, is distinctly modern, creating a layered look. Swap out your practical bath mat for something a little more stylish.

8. Get a One-of-a-Kind Light
With just a few ultra-stylish objects, this shared space is transformed into a posh retreat. The geometric pendant light, gold faucet, black and white tile, and one-of-a-kind light-wood stool are all present. The views of green palm trees from the windows don’t hurt either. Look for an odd attachment to put near the shower, such as this fascinating stool.

9. Consider reducing the amount of space you have
With breathtaking views of the ocean in the distance, this room doesn’t need much in the way of furnishings to feel luxurious. The basics are all present in this understated master bathroom: a sleek tub, modern faucet, and a cutting-edge shower enclave. A potted plant will add a touch of nature to your bathroom. We adore how this style riffs on the nearby coastal oasis.

10. Do Something Out of the Ordinary
A sleek bathtub is surrounded by geometric multicoloured tiles, with contemporary artwork and an iridescent pendant light hanging above. The window is framed by long, dramatic curtains tied back with nautical ropes for a one-of-a-kind look. If your master bathroom has a window, consider hanging curtains and experimenting with the rope tieback trend.

11. Make Natural Materials a Part of Your Life
This rustic master bathroom looks like it belongs in a spa or wellness centre. The light-wood panel contrasts with the immaculate rectangular pool, and rough twigs have taken the place of typical plants. A gold Sputnik chandelier and exposed wood beams attract the eye as it moves upward. Show small branches in a sophisticated vase to give your room a rustic makeover.

12. Experiment with the design
The tub is flanked by two sinks, which serve as bookends. Its prominent placement in the centre of the room adds a sense of drama to space. As if the room wasn’t big enough already, matching mirrors give it even more dimension. A few strategically positioned mirrors can make your master bath look larger than it is.

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