Beautiful Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Beyond satin sheets and heart-shaped beds, designing a bedroom with romance in mind can (and should) go a long way. The key is to create a relaxing atmosphere centred on the room’s specifics. Textiles, wall paint, and lighting are only a few of the main elements that differentiate between a calm and relaxing oasis and one that falls flat.

Take a style cue from our favourite romantic bedrooms and see what we learned from each, whether you’re looking to spice things up or need a little passionate refresh.

1. Begin by laying down the textures
In the master bedroom of the Los Angeles home she shares with her husband, actress Becca Tobin had a brilliant idea (and pup). After all, romantic bedrooms are all about textures first and foremost. A sumptuous bed needs linen bedding, a luxurious comforter, and maybe even a throw.

2. Turn up the lighting
Making sure you’re offering yourself choices regarding “setting the mood,” or whatever that means to you, usually starts with changing the lights. Melanie Shaver-Durham used a combination of an overhead fixture (with cloth shades to diffuse the morning), a floor lamp, and a gooseneck sconce with a frosted glass shade for an atmospheric addition in her Pennsylvania townhouse. You’ll have the choice of reading or romance, thanks to the layered lighting.

3. Moody Paint Colors Champion
A dark-walled space exudes romance like few other items. It’s charming without being overbearing, mainly if you keep the bedding and window treatments on the lighter side. Offset a navy backdrop with vivid green plants and billowy white textiles, as seen in this bedroom.

4. Raise the level of cosiness
Anything you can dig your toes into, like shag rugs and faux fur throws. Don’t be afraid to go heavy on the texture, but keep your palette muted, so it doesn’t get too cheesy. Take some inspiration from this charming scene.

5. Go for the Canopy in the Spring
No, a canopy bed doesn’t have to make you feel like you’re sleeping in a castle of dust-gathering draperies. There are several sleek and modern models on the market, such as this one from Room & Board, that will add a touch of sophistication to your master bedroom.

6. Increase the temperature
We’re talking about figuratively speaking. Yes, you probably have much less influence over the design of your room than you do over, say, changing out pillows, but if you’re planning a renovation or a new build, may we suggest adding a fireplace to your boudoir? On this front, a crackling fire will work wonders.

7. Apply Blush to Yourself
Is there a trade secret we’re sharing with you? Soft pink paint colour in a bedroom or bathroom will make *almost* all (and everyone) look great. Choose a paint that is “peachy,” as the soft walls in this dreamy bedroom.

8. Get Low
There’s something bohemian about sleeping on the floor without a frame, but that’s no reason to live like a nomad. Keep your room clean to ensure that it still looks put-together and not as if you’ve just moved in. It also doesn’t hurt to have suitable bedding and a couple of throw pillows.

9. Go for a Walk in the Woods
The bedroom is frequently ignored as a place to hold plants, but as long as the light is perfect, it’s a great place to create your botanical haven. Notice how the crisp greenery slices through the chalky, moodier walls in this bedroom.

10. Embrace Velvet
There’s no denying velvet’s allure, and it also happens to be an excellent fabric for an upholstered bed. It catches the sun brilliantly and exudes serious opulence. So, if you’re looking for a way to invoke the feeling in your romantic bedroom, look no further.

11. Or don’t use colour at all
It’s easier to see what’s directly in front of you because the mind has less to focus on. That isn’t to suggest that a white bedroom has to be monotonous. Bring in textures and patterned textiles, hang paintings on the walls, and fill the room with potted greenery, and you’ll have a picture-perfect space.

12. Make Monochrome Work for You
If white walls aren’t your thing, go for a bright, saturated colour on the walls, furniture, and bedding. Because of the subtle variations in tone and the high-contrast bursts of green, this zesty yellow bedroom takes on the cheery hue with ease.

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