22+ Small Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is one of our favorite rooms because it is a haven to complete several tasks. Finding inspiration and ideas for a small bathroom can be challenging when you don’t know where to begin.

Dealing with limited space can be difficult for anyone, particularly those new to interior design and DIY in general.

Storage Units that Stack
Stacking storage units are practical and add a decorative feature to any space. Keep your soaps, shampoos, and other accessories available and out of the way.

Shelves for Small Bathrooms
Consider putting your accessories on a small shelf, maybe one with drawers for your toiletries. This will help you organize your bathroom and make it easier to locate the things you need.

Towel Rails & Racks for the Shower
Towel racks are typically located on the wall or connected to a radiator, but having to take up valuable space for a towel rack can be challenging in a little room. Consider mounting a towel rack to the back of the bathroom door or even the shower door. They’re not only functional, but they also look amazing!

Cubes for Bathroom Storage
Storage cubes come in various shapes and sizes, are ideal for small spaces, and are inexpensive. You can quickly adapt them to your overall theme because they come in various materials and designs. Installing a few on your walls for a simple grab-and-go lifestyle is also an option.

Bathroom Cabinets on the Wall
Wall cabinets are essential for saving space because they are lightweight and have sufficient storage. They’re a great way to store objects, whether you want a traditional wall cabinet or a modern option like a mirror with a shelf.

Baskets for storing items
Storage baskets are another way to save space and organize your bathroom’s accessories. They look fantastic on bookshelves, window ledges, on top of toilets, and even beside your bathtub; the possibilities are endless.

Shelving for the Bathroom in a Sleek Style
Industrial-style shelves are also slim in form and fit perfectly into corners, saving space in the bathroom. To make the most of the space you have, fill the shelves with towels, bathroom essentials, and even storage baskets.

Caddies for Showers
Consider how much space the shower takes up and how much of it goes to waste; this is where shower storage comes in handy. Over-the-shower racks are cost-effective and easy to mount. However, if you want anything more on-trend, how about a storage room in a hole in the wall?

Storage for Doors in the Modern Era
Your bathroom door is just another space that could be used as a temporary shelving unit or storage console. The woven storage consoles are the most popular, but there are various shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from to match your bathroom decor.

Shelves That Float
Whether or not floating shelves are appropriate for your bathroom depends on its shape and style. Floating shelves have become increasingly common in recent years, and they help you make the most of your available space. There are a plethora of choices available in various shapes, types, and sizes for any bathroom.

Light Blue Colored Walls
Decorating the walls in blue shades naturally creates a soothing environment, and when the above storage hacks are used, the entire room naturally looks larger. The possibilities are infinite with this soothing color, and blue goes well with metallics like brass and copper.

Consistency of color
A simple all-white scheme will help a small bathroom feel more spacious by keeping the theme consistent and straightforward. It can feel much more inviting when paired with shiny wall tiles and industrial accessories.

Thin stripes and busy patterns will make the room appear smaller. Striped Wallpaper Thick-striped wallpapers will give the appearance of a much taller room, but thin stripes and busy patterns will make the room appear smaller.

Dual colors and textures, on the other hand, would create the same effect as striped wallpaper. The contrast in shades will deceive the eye while also breaking up the room. If your bathroom is tiny, we recommend sticking to lighter colors because dark colors can overwhelm a space and make it seem smaller than it is.

Bathroom Tiles That Go Together
Have you ever tried tiling the bath’s side to fit the tiles on the walls? You’d be shocked how much this plays with our perceptions, and using the right tiles can also make the room look incredibly stylish!

Alternatively, why not invest in a mirrored bath to make a fashionable statement? You can get the look of a spa or hotel in your bathroom by adding one of these, and light can shine from the water, giving the impression of a larger space.

Color of the Character
Just a smidgeon of color will go a long way toward making a bathroom appear larger. This works best in mostly white bathrooms, as a splash of color can add visual appeal without overwhelming the space.

Wooden Floors in the Bathroom
Wooden floors help to restore the bathroom’s image while also increasing the room’s width. You may also choose wooden accessories, such as a wooden toilet seat, to keep the theme consistent throughout the room.

Floors made of tiles
Tiled floors in the bathroom have an ornate effect, and keeping the rest of the space simple will make the room appear larger. Our recommendation is to keep your walls neutral and make your floor the focal point!

Coordinate with the Shower
Matching shower and floor tiles make space look larger by keeping the design intact rather than breaking it up with different styles. This is one of the most useful suggestions for people who have very limited toilets.

The Floor and the Walls
Using the same tiles on the walls and the floor is another smart way to make your bathroom look larger. Many spas do this to keep the design consistent and draw your eyes around the entire room, creating a clean and crisp look.

Lighting in the Mirror
Adding lighting above your critical mirror can open up space in the room and make bathroom tasks easier to complete. If you think a big mirror is enough, consider incorporating some industrial bathroom lighting to see how much better it looks.

Lights for the Wall
Wall lights are a simple but efficient way to brighten up a room while still saving space. For activities that need even lighting, such as applying makeup, we recommend putting wall lights on either side of the mirror to ensure the light is uniformly cascaded.

Lights from Above
Pendants and flush mounts, for example, can make a big difference in illuminating features and, more importantly, the space in the room. There’s no need to give up style for safety; there are plenty of waterproof lights on the market, including our own.

Light from the Sun
Natural light is too vital to be blocked out when space is limited. Make the most of the natural light that the room receives. However, it’s also crucial to make sure there are enough lighting fixtures and that the right amount of light is put in the right places to adequately light the room in the evenings and during the darker months.

Why not keep it the same in the space? For an on-trend and sophisticated look, incorporate brass into your lighting, taps, and tub.

Mirrors of a large size
In small spaces, a vast mirror that spans the whole wall rather than just the width of your sink allows more people to use it simultaneously. Furthermore, a more excellent reflection will affect a better sense of space.

Sliding Doorway
Why not use a door that swings side to side instead of a conventional door on a hinge? It’s easy to put up and stay parallel to the wall, allowing you to maximize your room.

Accessories with a theme
Accessories, particularly when selecting a theme, can do wonders for compact spaces for those with a limited budget or who aren’t ready to renovate fully. This will aid in selecting and purchasing lighting, mirrors, and small furnishings that will immediately turn the room.

Features on the Corners
Oddly designed bathrooms can be a little more challenging to work with, but you can make the most of them by adding small storage features for your toiletries and accessories, as well as simple ornaments to give the room character.

Wet Area
Wet rooms are opulent in appearance, but they also save space in cramped bathrooms. If you plan to install a wet room, make sure you have a good extractor fan installed to prevent any damp and mold issues.

Shower Curtain
Shower screens are an easy and attractive way to expand your bedroom. Match the color of your screen to the color of your ceiling to make space appear larger.

Shower in a corner
Since there isn’t enough space for a bathtub, using a corner with a shower works wonders. Corner showers take up very little space, and choosing a sliding door over a hinged door would save even more space.

Vanity that floats
Floating units allow us to visually maximize our bathroom’s space while also saving valuable floor space that could be used for storage. They look fantastic and are incredibly functional!

Sink in a corner
Mount a sink in those uncomfortable corners to make the most of them. The oval shape tends to open up the room around it, so it’s best to put it in front of the toilet rather than the tub.

A faucet that is fixed on the wall
When you mount a faucet on the wall, your sink will be much smaller, saving you room in the long run. Faucets work in every setting and add a touch of elegance, even if your bathroom is conventional.

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