Ideas for Minimalist Bathroom Inspiration

Want to incorporate minimalism into your bathroom design but don’t know where to start? These 15 ideas will help you create the ultimate minimalist bathroom, from decluttering and incorporating innovative bathroom storage solutions to selecting the right paint colours and wall decor!

Keep just what you require.
Beauty items, styling tools, and toiletries can all end up in the bathroom. So clean the bathroom before you start designing for minimalism! Delete any unused, duplicate, or expired items from your home and retain the items you use daily.

Paint Shades Should Be Neutral
Adopting a neutral colour palette on your walls is a core component of minimalist design. Space would appear brighter and more prominent as a result of this. White, grey, beige, and even soft yellow or blush are all perfect colours to use in your minimalist bathroom to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

Play about with Tile.
Your minimalist bathroom doesn’t need to be white. Using hexagonal floor tiles in a monochromatic colour scheme, build lines and dimension. To add interest, alternate black and white subway tiles. Alternatively, a backsplash in your shower or behind your sink will give your bathroom a sophisticated minimalist look.
Since minimalist design may make rooms look cold and sterile, it’s essential to add some warmth. A shag or patterned rug will add warmth and soften the harsh look, as well as provide a splash of colour that won’t detract from the bathroom’s simple, neutral style.

Replace any outdated hardware.
Updating old faucets, knobs, handles, and showerheads with hardware in warm shades like bronze, gold, and copper is a simple minimalist bathroom concept. You may also embrace minimalism by making more modern bathroom improvements, such as removing all hardware to create sleek lines.

Simple Light Fixtures to Install
The bathroom, like the rest of the house, should have clear lighting that provides optimum brightness. Consider a pendant light over the sink, recessed lighting above the tub, or wall sconces. To create a seamless bathroom style, choose something that suits the rest of the hardware.

Choose a Sink that Floats.
Consider integrating a floating vanity into your minimalist design if you have a tiny bathroom. Negative space underneath your sink will visually expand a small bathroom, making it seem larger than it is. If making your bathroom appear larger isn’t a priority, you can always use the space beneath a floating sink for secret bathroom storage!

Vertical Shelving can be included.
One of the most robust bathroom organizing strategies is to use wall space to keep counters, floors, medicine cabinets, and closets from being cluttered. To show plants or carry towels, place a few floating shelves above the toilet or bathtub. For shampoos, body washes, and loofas, mount a recessed shelf by the tub.

With glass doors, you can add more space to your home.
Glass shower doors provide the illusion of a larger, brighter bathroom. This is an excellent option for those designing a small minimalist bathroom, as the glass doors will allow more light to enter the room. Hang a transparent or frosted shower curtain for a more cost-effective alternative that does not require additional labour.

Bring the Outside In
Bringing natural elements into your bathroom design, from bamboo bath mats and small succulents on the windowsill to wood cabinets and wood flooring, will instantly make your space feel cosy without sacrificing the clean, minimalist look. Plus, incorporating these components into your bathroom is a great way to integrate feng shui and cultivate healthy chi.

Keep the decor on your counters plain.
Less is better when it comes to minimalist decor. Avoid piling up picture frames, trinkets, and toiletry holders on your counters. Instead, use a decorative soap dispenser, a glass jar with marbles, or a small potted plant.

Wall Decor That Is More Muted
Although you can feel compelled to decorate your walls to add colour or personality to your bathroom, bear in mind that minimalist designs require you to maintain a sense of balance. Rather than covering walls with portraits or eclectic wallpaper, use a big painting or small picture frame to create a focal point on one wall to balance out the room’s simplistic look.

Add a Couple of Baskets
Do you need additional storage space for towels, linens, and toilet paper? Purchase some baskets! Wicker baskets can help keep shelves, cabinets, and closets clutter-free while also offering consistent bathroom storage. You can also use them to store linens, toilet paper, and cotton swabs by affixing them to the wall.

For storage, use a ladder.
If you don’t have a lot of bathroom storage, look for items that can serve several purposes, such as ladders. You can add clean lines to your minimalist bathroom, as well as extra storage for towels, magazines, and other things, by installing a ladder.

Decorate your bathroom with glass pots.
They use glass jars to prevent small objects like bobby pins, cotton swabs, nail polishes, and other miscellaneous items from flying all over drawers and counters. The glass jars will not only hold anything neatly in order, but they will also give your bathroom a seamless look, regardless of the decor or colour scheme!

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