Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

An outdoor kitchen is a must for people who want to spend even more time cooking outdoors and enjoying their backyard. And now is the time to get to work on getting your kitchen ready for the arrival of the wet, sunny days.
Please take a look at the advice below from experts who have completed their outdoor kitchen designs.

1. Make a financial plan.
Outdoor kitchens are not inexpensive, but they come with a wide variety of prices. According to HomeAdvisor.com, the cost of an outdoor kitchen varies from $5,406 to $21,699. As a result, there are numerous options for customizing your kitchen to suit your budget.

2. Look for items manufactured in the United States.
According to March, COVID-19 has disrupted global supply chains, making it impossible to obtain construction materials and appliances. However, choosing American-made products for your outdoor kitchen can make sourcing easier.

3. Place the order for appliances as early as possible in the planning process.
The appliances in your outdoor kitchen are what will make it shine. However, you should order them as soon as possible because some companies have extended lead times or back-ordered products.

4. Create a design that considers all four seasons
Rios advises that you plan your outdoor kitchen to be used all year. She knew she needed sturdy, high-quality cabinets in her outdoor kitchen, for example, to keep contents dry even in rain or high humidity.
She suggests budgeting for ceiling-mounted heat lamps or one or two free-standing, mobile heating systems if you have a covered outdoor yard.

5. Identify the best candidates for the role.
March recommends that homeowners do their research and recruit the right experts to help them realize their vision, identify any possible risks, and improve the overall aesthetic.
“By bringing in a landscape designer, I was able to put the whole vision for our outdoor kitchen and yard together,” March says.
According to Rios, it’s also essential to employ a reliable contractor and installer to ensure that your outdoor kitchen’s vision and layout are realistic and within your budget.

6. Experiment with color.
Rios believes that an outdoor kitchen is an ideal place to experiment with color, whether it’s by taking inspiration from the surroundings or going all out.
“Outdoors, blues and greens can easily play off of the surrounding elements. Rios, who used a stunning juniper-green powder-coat finish on her outdoor kitchen cabinetry, says, “I’m over the all-white kitchen, and I think outdoor kitchens are the perfect opportunity to embrace brighter hues.”

7. Plan your layout around how you’ll use your room.
“As you consider design choices, asking yourself the right questions will provide a lot of useful guidance,” March says. “How do you like to survive in the open air? What isn’t working in your current or previous room, and how could it be improved to better meet your needs?”
It’s also crucial, she says, to think about who can use the outdoor kitchen. Is it required to be wheelchair accessible, as well as appropriate for pets and children?
March says, “These specifics will determine too much of your design.”
She imagined her kitchen as a room that could transform from a place to cook to entertain. For example, the large, open shelf she built provides additional landing space for things she brings out of the indoor kitchen.

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