8+ Cosy Living Room Ideas to Try in Your Home

The leaves have fallen from the trees, the holiday season is in full swing, and we’re snuggling up, eager to welcome the winter chill.

This is an excellent time of year to add a touch of coziness to your most social areas. But, with so many fabulous pieces to choose from and cozy interiors trends popping up all over, one fleecy blanket just won’t cut it (at least not in our opinion!)

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to make your living room extra-cozy, so you can fully appreciate the shorter days and curling up with your favorite book or TV show. We’ve got everything you need for a cozy season, from luscious fibers to warm wall colors.

After you’ve done cozying up to your living room with these tips, read our How to make a cozy winter cocoon, and if you’re tackling a more extensive scale home design project, don’t leave without checking out Home Design Lab for in-depth guidance and help on layout, lighting, color, and more. Members claim it’s like getting an interior designer on board, except you’re in control!

1.Wrap yourself in a warm knit.

Isn’t it true that when the blankets come out, they carry with them the greatest cozy feelings?! Consider a cup of tea and an early evening nap… or a sassy G&T! We still reach for woven blankets in muted tones when the temperature drops. Do you have any idea what kind of content I’m talking about? Natural fibers, we assure you, are well worth the investment. These three investments are among our favorites.

2. Use warm wall colors.

If you’re working with white walls, a feature wall with woodland vibes in a warm color will help tie the space together. This look will last far past the winter months, making your room inviting all year. Furthermore, it is a small project with a large effect. These colors and wallpapers are perfect for bringing a cozy vibe to any living space.

3. Use flowers to add interest.

We love plants, as you can see in our living room makeover (or two). They infuse our living room with such vitality. On the other hand, autumn and winter provide a fantastic opportunity to decorate with something that will last all winter and beyond, as well as bringing the feel of crisp leaves inside in a beautiful way. Dried flowers can be found in the greenhouse, at local florists, and on the internet. Dried hydrangea and billy button stems are standard right now. The colors are fantastic!

4. Switch on a flashlight.

In the colder months, warm, low lighting is the way to go. Lanterns are a brilliant way to add illumination to your living room without the bright glare of a ceiling light when we’re curling up in the dim evenings. These are the ones I’m currently into. We like to look at outdoor lanterns.

5.Wall hangings with texture

I met Elsie Goodwin and took a Macrame class with her not long ago while traveling across the United States (she’s the queen of textured wall art) (see her website Reform Fibers). She taught me that art could turn bare walls into welcoming spaces, but textured wall hangings go much further to create a sense of warmth and texture in a room. Felt garlands, such as these, are more affordable and add a cozy touch to shelves while still adding color and visual appeal.

You can’t have a cozy atmosphere without scattering cushions. They’re the kings and queens of a couch evening. However, for a deep sense of comfort, choose a knitted alternative and extend the blanket weaves to the smaller accessories.

6.A plush faux fur rug is unbeatable.

With a traditional faux fur or sheepskin rug, embrace texture and fiber in all its glory. You’ll fall in love with them because they’re fuzzy, cozy, and so comfortable on your feet. For anyone who doesn’t want to eat the real thing, we’ve included a vegan option.

Bring a basket in.

Isn’t it true that you need a place to store all of these pillows and blankets? A basket made of natural fibers is another perfect way to add a cozy texture to your living room. The organic weaves add another homey and handmade element, whether you put a plant in there or store soft blankets. There are some of our current favorites.
What are your plans for preparing your living room for the upcoming season?

We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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