These Modern Dining Rooms Will Have You Dining In Every Night

The dining room, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your floorplan, maybe the home’s crown jewel. Unlike the kitchen counter, which tends to get cluttered with, well, things, or the living room, which needs regular vacuuming touch-ups (hello, four-legged housemates…), the dining room may exist in an idyllic in-between state—plates arranged, tapers ready, surfaces clean. For many of us, the dining room is the most idealized version of who we are and what we want our homes to be, no matter how far from the fact it is.

But, as cool as it is to catch a glimpse of a more glamorous, put-together version of yourself, dining rooms aren’t really for that. They’re designed to be used—to entertain neighbours, dine with friends, and welcome family members (especially as we head into the holiday portion of the year). That’s why, when it comes to dining rooms, we’ve recently been drawn to more new, uncomplicated designs. Of course, the formal arrangement is timeless, but it does evoke a sense of high stakes—precisely the opposite of what a meeting room should be. So, rather than abundant spaces with matching rows of chairs, we’re looking for a more casual, inviting vibe—something approachable and straightforward enough we’ll actually *use* that dining table more than once a season.

Welcome if you’re on the same page as me. This season, ditch the stuffy setup of the past by clicking through our favourite modern dining rooms. It might not always be spotless and perfect, but we guarantee you’ll make a lot of memories with it.

1. Light and airy
Taking a modern and elegant approach to designing a dining room in a beautiful, windowed room like this is a no-brainer. Natural textures and subdued tones take centre stage here, echoing the landscape outside and infusing the atmosphere with a sense of calm that’s warm and inviting rather than stuffy. Low, appealing midcentury chairs keep the view clear, while organic materials on the light fixture and ceiling draw the eye upward subtly. In a nutshell, this room is a masterclass in harmony and peace.

2. A Contemporary Blend
This dining room exemplifies how subtle it is to achieve a sleek, modern vibe. This style replaces a conventional matching set of six dining chairs with a long bench with playful patterned pillows on one side. This less-formal setup often employs chairs without weapons at the “head” and “foot” of the table, resulting in a minimalist appearance despite incorporating deco-inspired elements. Finally, the look is completed by a sprawling light fixture, which adds another surprising feature to the vignette.

3. The Roundabout Road
Round dining tables are rapidly displacing wide rectangular ones as the preferred alternative, and we’re all for it. Round tables are not only ideally suited to oddly formed rooms, but we also believe they facilitate better conversation. This new option blends elegant lines with cosy comfort, with soft sheepskin throws atop Eames-style chairs. The pièce de résistance, though, is the light fixture, which is truly spectacular.

4. Minimalism for Like-Minded People
Minimalism has never looked so welcoming. Upholstered benches attach a mix of complementary—but not quite coordinating—chairs, offering both seating and a new element of softness to this room. It works because of the textural interplay, with the light wood table picking up on the cane of the chairs and something colder underfoot.

5. Vivid Personality
On the other hand, this is a venue for maximalists. An eclectic art collection and a similar selection of seating choices, from oversized upholstered chairs to vivid coral-hued bamboo designs, ooze personality from the walls here. A few midcentury touches, such as lighting, tie the entire room together, creating an effect that is undoubtedly as distinctive as the homeowner.

6. Ambitious Plans
It’s never been more trendy to feed a crowd. We’re smitten with the eclectic mix of elements in this room, which combine a few different stylish design trends to create something extraordinary. A beautiful artisan table anchors modern farmhouse-style chairs mix with an oversized banquette seat—ideal for quickly extending the guest list—and the whole thing. The vintage “eat” sign adds just the right amount of whimsy to the room, and the retro light fixture complements it perfectly.

7. It’s an excellent place to stay because it’s clean and comfortable.
Do you see a trend here? A great light fixture will help you ground your dining room while still infusing it with personality. These trendy chairs’ understated lines and rustic wooden table strike the ideal balance between dressed-up and laid-back, so there’s always an excuse to invite a few friends over for dinner.

8. Mysterious Atmosphere
Dark dining rooms are widespread right now but don’t be put off by the moody colours. This dining establishment is a crowd-pleaser at its heart. All that’s left to do now is select a dining set—in this case, one that combines a sleek black table with weathered leather for a handsome (but low-maintenance) look. Dinner is ready with the addition of a dimmer switch or the lighting of a few candles.

9. Glam Boho
Not sure how to get your carefree bohemian style into the dining room? If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than this space. The look is eclectic without compromising refinement thanks to a bold mix of textures—plush Moroccan rug; woven cane; fluffy, light-diffusing curtains; mixed metals. The guest list in this space is rounded out by a “status herb” in the corner, none other than the famous fiddle-leaf fig.

10. Supper “Scandinavian.”
For those without a formal dining room, converting an eat-in kitchen into a de facto dining area may be a clever solution—and one that avoids the formality of a space you’ll only use a few times a year. This design is an excellent example of using art and accessories to define a room (here, an oversized painting to anchor the table and a large houseplant to help). The banquette, our longtime favourite seating option, reappears, creating a family-friendly opportunity that houseguests can enjoy as well.

11. Bright & Bold
Even if you don’t view it as unique as this one, a splash of colour will go a long way. Wallpapering a small section of the sidewall adds a splash of colour and whimsy to this otherwise neutral room, creating an element that will undoubtedly spark conversation at cocktail parties for years to come.

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