Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Even the most ideal apartments have very tiny bathrooms. For those used to open spaces, this may make the planning or remodeling process a little difficult.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to maximize small floor spaces in the bathroom to create a relaxing atmosphere.

1. Make sure your bathroom tiles are the right size.
When it comes to bathroom tiles, the right tile size about the room’s parameters may either accentuate the room’s limited size or give the appearance of longer walls. As a consequence, by putting rectangular tiles vertically, you can give your bathroom walls more height.
Similarly, glass tiles will add dimension to your bathroom, making it appear larger. Smaller decorative tiles placed on the upper portion of a wall attract attention upwards, making the ceiling appear higher.

2. Make It Airy and Light
While darker pieces can be used to highlight some areas of a bathroom, when it comes to decorating a small bathroom, you should strive for a predominantly lighter feel.
The quickest way to liven up a room is to use great light distribution to light up a small area.
Invest in wall-mounted lighting instead of pendant lighting, which casts unwanted shadows and does not have an even glow.
Installing dimmers can also be an extra indulgence if you want to monitor the atmosphere of the room.

3. Paint Colors aren’t as important as texture.
When it comes to having a peaceful and open atmosphere, you can stick to no more than two paint colors.
You will create a more spacious space by keeping it easy and minimalistic. This will make the room appear larger.
Choose two complementary colors that aren’t too dark and can be used as wall paint, an accent wall, or decorations interchangeably.
Adding texture to your walls is a more subtle but successful way to draw attention to them. This results in an easy, clean, and stylish finish that doesn’t take up too much of your limited space.

4. Purchase some glass.
Because of its clarity, glass not only looks modern and trendy, but it also gives any room more space. Replace the shower curtain with a frameless shower screen if you have a shower.
Similarly, if you have a pool, the current divider can be replaced with a glass option. A glass basin is also a great choice for creating an open space in your bathroom, as it will complement all other glass installations.

5. Make Your World Your Own
If you only need one bathroom vanity or have room for an additional medicine cabinet, it’s important to make the most of the space you have.
When it comes to movability, you must also remember your protection and your level of comfort.
To prevent hip bruising, invest in round-edged cabinets and use towel racks instead of towel hooks. Installing large mirrors in your bathroom often allows more than one person to use the space simultaneously.

6. Make Creative Use of Space
If you need extra room, accessory platforms, or railing space, you can find a nook to suit your needs by getting creative with what you already have.
The key is to make effective use of all available space while avoiding overcrowding in your bathroom.
Using the space behind your door, you can store bulky items such as robes, towels, or even a bathroom bin.
For your cosmetics and hair accessories, you can also mount specialized racks or holders.
Finally, to prevent cabinets or shelving from protruding too far out of the bathroom walls, you can position them within the walls to save even more space.

7. Use Sliding Doors
A door that swings inward into a tight, crowded area may quickly demand unnecessary space.
Instead, install a pocket or folding door that does not encroach on your limited bathroom space to avoid this problem.
It’s important to remember that this golden rule applies to bathroom doors and shower doors.
To put it another way, the more space you can free up in the shower, the more relaxed you will be.
Finally, designing and decorating a small bathroom does not have to be a difficult undertaking.
You can transform any small space into a compact yet luxurious area with effective planning and a little creative effort with what you already have.

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